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Healthy Turkish Food

Healthy Turkish Food

While thinking of Turkish food, some might recall a drinking session finishing off with a late night greasy Kebab. The Ottoman Empire ruling the place passed laws mandating food to be served fresh and this has been followed through till now.

The Mediterranean diet is known to be one of the healthiest throughout the world. Fresh ingredients with a range of seasonal offerings, Turkish staples include vegetables, fish and lamb cooked generous amounts of olive oil. The diversified climate allows Turkey to grow and mass-produce fresh tomatoes, olives, melons, peppers, wheat, tea, etc. The surrounding seas are plentiful in fish – the grouper fish makes a great dish with a mild but distinct flavor.

Turkish dishes serve a selection of mezze platters including a range of hot and cold starters, served on single or several plates. They take in Spicy tomato salsa (Ezme), Carrot with Mint and garlic, yogurt, cucumber and mint (Haydari), stuffed vegetables (Dolma), Calamari, Halumi, Tahin and of course the famous pita bread doing justice to hummus, and the many colorful pastes of chilli and Tapenade. These light Turkish mezze starters allow room for a main dish and a dessert of baklava.

A rich olive oil influence on the diet, Turkish natives are known to have a low heart attack rate and a soft and supple skin. The fresh foods ensure that the body is always well nourished with vitamins. Dishes like Kalkan or Oludeniz served near or on the coast line primarily based on seafood have been well established by scientists as the healthier choice of food.

Advancement in hospitality, along with a healthy lifestyle and the affordability of property for sale in towns like Kalkan are making Turkey the choice of both holiday and retirement destinations. The coastal towns display amazing views over the oceans and integrated with the gourmet on offer, it’s a convenient choice.

While you live in Turkey or elsewhere you may find tremendous offers for your search related to or as in for ‘Turkish kebab delivery near me’ from various restaurants. Any restaurants will offer an al a carte menu alongside the fresh catch of the day to make your dinner or lunch memorable enough. You would definitely find out that there is no fresher food more affordable and enriched with essential vitamins then from a Turkish town or in a Turkish restaurant Abu Dhabi.